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some random question i just thought of

2008-12-21 18:50:08 by hinaluv13

What makes you, you? Best trait/worse trait


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2008-12-21 18:54:28

I guess what makes me, me, is the how I normally lend a hand when I can, however I have a tendency to put things off, I suppose I just have a contradiciting nature, one trait I have, I also have the opposite

hinaluv13 responds:

That's cool, how you lend a hand. Don't worry, a lot of people have contradicting natures, but I don't think that they would be so honest to admit it. Thanks for responding!


2008-12-21 19:21:31

My worst trait is my inability to censor the creepy jokes I make.
I could meet someone for the first time and I will creep them out with a dead baby joke.

hinaluv13 responds:

I think that depends on the person's sense of humor. Maybe you should get to know them a little before telling creepy baby jokes...?


2008-12-22 17:00:14

Well people learn a lot of themselves if they admit that they have contradicting natures, for those who won't admit it, they are lost in their own ignorance and arrogance

hinaluv13 responds:

hell, yes! thank you for understanding! :)


2008-12-22 19:10:11

I don't really think anybody has just one thing about them that defines them.

hinaluv13 responds:

I agree, I wasn't just saying ONE thing, just something that defines you. You know, just like an example. I'm not saying that there's only one thing that defines someone. Sorry, next time I'll be more specific...


2008-12-31 18:52:04

By the way, Happy New Year's Eve


2009-01-06 18:48:09

Anyway, if I may ask you the same question? Would you mind answering?