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thought for today.

2008-11-11 02:33:02 by hinaluv13

time is an interesting element. when youre havin fun it just flies, but when youre bored it drags on. the day you are born is a part of time. your childhood is a part of time. your death is a part of time. and the story of your life will eventually become buried in time as well. i think that its nice to know that some things will go on steadily as we live our lives through this war-torn, economy-struggling era.


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2008-11-11 02:51:39

Time, it attacks the mind within it's moments. There once was a time in which the sun and moon commanded the daily lives of humans, but not anymore. The reason we have the clock that tells time is to keep us busy. However when you are having fun the last thing on your mind is the clock... and when you're bored although the clock isn't on your mind, life just goes passing by... without a care, in the air, or a thought for the moment. It passes through, without a clue, with thought provocation. And at times we love it when time slowly goes by to embrace the loved ones we hold dear or the days of majesty known as sunsets and the days of silence known as star-lit evenings.

hinaluv13 responds:

yah thats exactly what i mean!!!


2008-11-11 03:30:37

Rock and Roll will live on

(Updated ) hinaluv13 responds:

dont u think? why shouldnt it live on???


2008-11-11 16:59:52

You should always capitalize, double-check and paragraph your posts. You'll be less newbie. :D

hinaluv13 responds:

too lazy to...thanks for the advice though.
{we have to do that at school dammit!}