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favorite word???

2008-10-28 02:02:58 by hinaluv13

whats ur favorite word? i know this is a stupid question, but everyone i personally ask dont answer me. so i just want to ask it. personlly i dont have one yet but as soon as i get one ill post it.


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2008-10-28 02:27:55

Horrendous. I guess that's my favorite word. Seriously. lol

hinaluv13 responds:

yah its a interesting word. and all it means is scary. -lol-


2008-11-07 20:01:21


(Updated ) hinaluv13 responds:

yah cool word isnt it? and its a short one.
-yes i know im being obvious but i dont give a shit what u think to all u sarcastic people out there.


2008-11-11 02:21:18

I killed your friends. Come kick my ass >:C

hinaluv13 responds:

u know who mah friends are? stalkers are on NG too...


2008-11-11 02:32:40


amazing word. It's just ME!!!

hinaluv13 responds:

dont know what the hell that means. -lol- :D